Have Fun teaching


The main focus of this post will be how to have fun teaching! Too many times teachers get into a rut and forget that they should ENJOY their work. This is a video that will help you do exactly that!

Also my website of the week was geared toward having fun while teaching.

Website Name: DIY.org

Website URL : http://like.allmyfaves.com/like/site/name/diy.org

Subject: All Educators

Site’s Content: This website is a collection of things students can make on their own! There are hundreds of do it yourself project ideas that help kids create stuff. (Duct tape hat, cardboard armor, rolled paper beads etc.) There is nothing better than getting kids to use the Internet safely, be part of a community and learn useful new tricks at the same time!

Site’s Value to professionals: The value of this site to professionals is having a great way to get students interested in creating things. This not only expands students’ creativity but also enhances their kinetics skills and their achievement skills. Plus, this site will give teachers another avenue to explore how to teach concepts in different ways, many of the projects can relate directly to subject knowledge.


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