Enhancing Presentaions

I have finally been able to organize all the wonderful presentation tools I have discovered during this course. I do not know much about creating a professional development course but I do know many teachers are a little out dated in their presentation tools. So for the final project in the class I created a presentation to help teachers discover some of the fantastic websites that are available to use. You can view my project here.



  My final project is an online presentation about enhancing presentations! Almost every classroom I have been in, the teachers have used PowerPoint. There is nothing wrong with PP however, Microsoft is expensive and is limited in its sharing abilities. Teachers would benefit greatly from this professional development presentation because it offers teachers different routes to presenting information. My project includes the most fantastic websites for presentations that I have ever encountered. Every website that is addressed during this presentation (aside from Google) I have discovered as a direct result of this course. After the PLN module and the online presentation module, I have been ecstatic about the sites I have discovered and I can only imagine my fellow teachers will be excited to discover new presentation tools as well. The websites included in this presentation are easy to use, free, and can be shared through multiple avenues.
The purpose of this project is to help teachers develop their presentation abilities. The tools presented here are able to use the tried and true presentation tool, PowerPoint but add a new twist. Presentations can now be video recorded, integrated in social media and completely dynamic.



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