Presenting the virtual

This module revolved around presenting things virtually. Whether that meant and online presentation, digital story or virtual field trip. I have been creating such documents for years yet I love each one better than the last. My previous post was my most recent creation of a digital story. I decided I’d like a few of my other favorite creations for this weeks post. Hope you enjoy! 


This link directs you to a PowerPoint presentation I created that utilizes the creative aspect of PP. You do not flow lineally through the presentation it depends on your answers! It is really quite interesting. 

Then next link directs you to a virtual field trip that I created during my undergrad. It is neat to put the people of science and where they came from into perspective for students. The makings of biology happened all around the world and in completely different times.

The last link provides access to one of my best online presentations. ProjectQ is an awesome resource that really enhances the ways to present information. The ability to share this information over Facebook, twitter, blogger and Google is a complete must in this day and age! 

Anyway hope you enjoyed some of my previous projects! Happy Easter!


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