Have Fun teaching


The main focus of this post will be how to have fun teaching! Too many times teachers get into a rut and forget that they should ENJOY their work. This is a video that will help you do exactly that!

Also my website of the week was geared toward having fun while teaching.

Website Name: DIY.org

Website URL : http://like.allmyfaves.com/like/site/name/diy.org

Subject: All Educators

Site’s Content: This website is a collection of things students can make on their own! There are hundreds of do it yourself project ideas that help kids create stuff. (Duct tape hat, cardboard armor, rolled paper beads etc.) There is nothing better than getting kids to use the Internet safely, be part of a community and learn useful new tricks at the same time!

Site’s Value to professionals: The value of this site to professionals is having a great way to get students interested in creating things. This not only expands students’ creativity but also enhances their kinetics skills and their achievement skills. Plus, this site will give teachers another avenue to explore how to teach concepts in different ways, many of the projects can relate directly to subject knowledge.


Enhancing Presentaions

I have finally been able to organize all the wonderful presentation tools I have discovered during this course. I do not know much about creating a professional development course but I do know many teachers are a little out dated in their presentation tools. So for the final project in the class I created a presentation to help teachers discover some of the fantastic websites that are available to use. You can view my project here.



  My final project is an online presentation about enhancing presentations! Almost every classroom I have been in, the teachers have used PowerPoint. There is nothing wrong with PP however, Microsoft is expensive and is limited in its sharing abilities. Teachers would benefit greatly from this professional development presentation because it offers teachers different routes to presenting information. My project includes the most fantastic websites for presentations that I have ever encountered. Every website that is addressed during this presentation (aside from Google) I have discovered as a direct result of this course. After the PLN module and the online presentation module, I have been ecstatic about the sites I have discovered and I can only imagine my fellow teachers will be excited to discover new presentation tools as well. The websites included in this presentation are easy to use, free, and can be shared through multiple avenues.
The purpose of this project is to help teachers develop their presentation abilities. The tools presented here are able to use the tried and true presentation tool, PowerPoint but add a new twist. Presentations can now be video recorded, integrated in social media and completely dynamic.


Presenting the virtual

This module revolved around presenting things virtually. Whether that meant and online presentation, digital story or virtual field trip. I have been creating such documents for years yet I love each one better than the last. My previous post was my most recent creation of a digital story. I decided I’d like a few of my other favorite creations for this weeks post. Hope you enjoy! 


This link directs you to a PowerPoint presentation I created that utilizes the creative aspect of PP. You do not flow lineally through the presentation it depends on your answers! It is really quite interesting. 

Then next link directs you to a virtual field trip that I created during my undergrad. It is neat to put the people of science and where they came from into perspective for students. The makings of biology happened all around the world and in completely different times.

The last link provides access to one of my best online presentations. ProjectQ is an awesome resource that really enhances the ways to present information. The ability to share this information over Facebook, twitter, blogger and Google is a complete must in this day and age! 

Anyway hope you enjoyed some of my previous projects! Happy Easter!