Eye opener

I have completed my e Portfolio. I am excited about the end results and I hope it helps me to get a job!

When creating my portfolio there was a section concerning group work. This was also the topic of discussion for the module in my Ed class. I have never been a huge fan of group work (this is not a new discovery) and I do not require students to collaborate often. As a result, I had some difficulty finding evidence for group work!

Through the exploration done in class, I have discovered some easier ways to include group work in the classroom.

One of my biggest problems with group work is the tendency of one person to assume the role of leader who then gets stuck with all the work. One way to combat this problem is for the students to write down their contributions and grade each others work.

The second problem I have with group work is the loss of some great ideas. All too often I’ve witnessed students being too reserved to state their ideas and opinions. This is a difficult problem to combat but perhaps the group could anonymously write down their idea, mix them together and the group could vote on the best choice.

The last concern I have with group work is making the final product worthy of a group effort. In the past, I have been required to complete group projects that are too simple. I believe if you need partners the project itself should be in-depth enough to warrant multiple people working at all times.

All of that being said, I believe working with others is a very important skill that needs to be practiced and perfected during school. The following is a video that address some of these concerns.



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