Getting a little closer

I have been thinking and organizing my files trying to decide what to include in my portfolio. Then I started thinking of what was asked of me at my first interview. As soon as I walked into the door and introduced myself, I was asked to sit at a computer and type a MEMO. I have never read an official memo let alone created one myself so this was a shock. I sat down and typed a memo to the best of my ability. So I will do some research about creating memos and include that in my portfolio.

I was then asked to wait in the room until I was called for the official interview. As I looked at the other interviewees only half of them had a portfolio, I was not really worried because I had the online portfolio I created for my undergrad, however after that interview I knew I needed to add a few things. I am glad to have the opportunity to create a new portfolio so I can add the extras. Below is a list I made after the interview that I hope to include into my new portfolio.

  • Memo
  • Philosophy Statement
  • Class Rules
  • Evidence of aligning lessons and assessments to struggling students
  • Reflection on a teaching experience that didn’t go so great
  • Summary of a day in my classroom
  • What I can bring to the school outside of the classroom


 I have decided to include those requests while fulfilling the National Board standards for my graduate project. How I am going to organize all of this is still up in the air… 

I have linked a few sites that attempt to help teachers in my position land a job.

Creating a teaching portfolio

Your Teacher Portfolio


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