Making Decisions.

The first step towards creating my portfolio was to review the sad attempts I have completely previously. My first ever portfolio creation was completed during my undergraduate course work, I used Google sites. This platform was fine, it was easy to upload documents because I have been collecting all my works using Google Drive. However, for the creation of this portfolio I decided to use a different platform. Weebly offers a better looking website and the ability to manipulate the content seems promising to my creation of a portfolio.

The next step towards my creation was figuring out what framework to use. My main goal for creating this portfolio is to use it during a job interview so I can land a job! My second goal is to complete this portfolio for my Master’s Degree. The requirements for my master’s degree state that I must use the framework described by The National Board Standards. This framework is completely different than the Charlotte Danielson framework I used in the past so I have a lot of work to do!

The National Board Standards can be found here. Having my undergraduate work in Biology (with actual student teaching experience) and getting my Master’s in Technology (no teaching experience) I am unsure how to approach this portfolio. Since this is a requirement for my Master’s Degree I think I should create the portfolio surrounding my work during graduate school but I have so little experience actually teaching technology that I feel this portfolio would better serve me in my job hunt if I focus on my Biology work.

Like I said, I have a lot of work to do and even more thinking to do!

Wish me luck 😉



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