Get to know me…

My name is Kim Hanslovan; I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Right out of high school, I attended Penn State Main Campus for 2 years, participating on their track team and multiple kinesiology clubs. My third year of college I changed my major to Biology Education; Clarion has such an amazing reputation for their education program that I transferred. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in May of 2012 after having much success on the track team at Clarion; I was offered the Graduate Assistant position for the Track and Field team. I have been substitute teaching and working 30+ hours a week for the track team. The school district I sub. at is a rural school district that graduates about 400 students a year. There is a smart board in every classroom and laptops available for student use. My level of experience with technology is above average. I am by no means a tech geek but I am familiar with most new technology and have a knack for understanding it. In May of 2014, I plan to graduate with my Masters in technology education; I will have one more class to take this summer to receive the instructional technology specialist certification.


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